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Co-host Christopher Stokes joins Brian Palmer to showcase the combination of a traditional photography exhibit with an interactive use of QR bar codes which show text and video content for each photo.  Photography Exposed Interactive Photography Exhibit is available at the Kohl Gallery on the Washington College campus now through Feb 27th, 2011.

Chris and Brian also talk about the Chesapeake Bay Photographer’s Sailing Adventure, a 4 day photography centric trip Brian led in October with students of the college.  The video, which won a MarCom Platinum Award, features images from the 5 students and photos and video shot by Brian.

Brian also mentions an upcoming interview with photographer Tim Babasade.  Brian and Tim took two trips to the American south west in 2009 and 2010, and the upcoming podcast episode will talk about specific locations they visited, and also generic trip planning ideas.

Runtime: 15:00