Jay Burlage MILapse - Time-lapse photography pioneer

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We’ve all seen timelapse video at one time or another, but not everyone has seen or knows about the incredible quality and capability a DSLR camera brings into the timelapse equation. I had the pleasure of interviewing Jay Burlage, who is better know as MILapse to many on sites like Video and YouTube where his amazing visual creations have entertained and attracted the attention of viewers around the world.

Jay has been very active in developing hardware, software, and processes that allow just about anyone to make spectacular timelapse video.  From his simplest panning rig built off a beefy clock, to his latest open source endevours at Dynamic Perception that allow precision panning and dolly control for DSLRs and systems like the RED ONE, there is something in this interview for all budgets and levels of experience.

Runtime: 1:29:41
Sorry folks, this file a big one, but well worth it!